The unWISE Coadds are accessible in an interactive viewer developed for the Legacy Survey. The viewer allows any part of the footprint to be immediately inspected and compared with optical imaging or catalogs from surveys like Gaia. Custom catalogs may also be uploaded. A color-preserving stretch is used to preserve detail in faint regions while not saturating bright regions.


Use the Viewer

Browse the unWISE imaging in the Legacy Survey Viewer!

Full FITS images for each tile are available through the unWISE main site.

Model images are also available in the viewer and as FITS files. These images are constructed from the unWISE Catalog and sky fits for each unWISE coadd, and then processed in exactly the same way as the observed images for display in the viewer. Comparison between the observed and model images can give a sense as to how accurate the unWISE Catalog is in any part of the sky.